A homeless woman was hospitalized last night after NYPD officers responded to a small utility closet inside the 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway station, connected to Trump International Hotel and Tower. She and six other men, also homeless, had reportedly been "partying" there. Officers responded to the scene just before 9:00 p.m.

The Post initially reported that the woman, who has yet to be identified, had been raped inside the subway station. (The pee-obsessed Post also made sure to report that the woman had been "urinating on a tree" nearby before she entered the station.) In an update, the tabloid reported that although the woman initially told officers that she had been sexually assaulted, she did not make a formal complaint. However, she was reportedly seen being dragged into the room.

An NYPD spokesman tells us that "at this time, there was no rape." The six men discovered in the utility "party" room have been charged with criminal tresspass. The NYPD identifies them as Juan Caballero-Camacho, age 55; Christopher Batista, 25; Ricardo Andujar, 20; Christian Rolon, 22; Luis Jimenez-Perez, 31; and Ariel Hinojosa-Taveras, 23. The woman, who was taken to Saint Luke's Hospital for detox treatment, was not charged.

A witness who works near the station told the Post that he sees this particular group of men "all the time... They’re always drunk. They’re always drinking. They’re always down there."

We have reached out to the Trump International Hotel and Tower and the MTA for comment, and will update with any further information.

UPDATE: An MTA spokesman confirms that the utility room is not technically part of the subway. It's a utility room underneath the Columbus Circle-59th Street Subway entrance, but is in fact owned by the International Trump Hotel and Tower.