A Queens couple were fatally shot execution-style while they were sleeping in their home early this morning. The couple's 23-year-old son, who was also sleeping in the Springfield Gardens house, was shot in the shoulder, but is expected to survive. "Everybody here knows the family. It doesn't make sense, it puzzles me, I don't know what's going on. They just came through and murdered the whole family," said distraught family friend Melissa McGregor.

Police believe that the son, who has been identified as Shane Jaganoff, was the first person shot by the intruder. The gunman then walked upstairs and fired single bullets into the heads of Jaganoff's 64-year-old father and 56-year-old mother, killing each instantly. Jaganoff's black Toyota Rav 4 was missing from the home, and police believe the killer used it as a getaway car. Police say the motive behind the shooting of the family, originally from Trinidad, is still unknown.

Update: Police have released the names of the couple who were killed: 64-year-old Fugrin Jaggarnauth and his 56-year-old wife Rosis Jaggarnauth.

Neighbors are perplexed by the seemingly out-of-nowhere killings, and police still haven't established the circumstances behind it: "Everything seemed fine [last night]. They're an average American family. Everybody [in the neighborhood] is shaken," said Harrison Williams. It was also revealed that the couple has another son, who wasn't injured in the shooting; it's unclear whether he was in the house at the time.