A 36-year-old pregnant woman was killed this morning in Sunset Park by a backhoe clearing a parking lot. According to an NYPD spokeswoman, the Bobcat vehicle was carrying snow at the Fei Long Supermarket Foodcourt when the driver struck the woman at around 10:40 a.m. Authorities transported the victim to Maimonides Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. The spokeswoman was unable to comment on the condition of the woman's baby, and said that no summonses or arrests have been made, but stressed that the investigation is ongoing.

Earlier this month a Brighton Beach man was killed in a similar circumstance, by a backhoe that was carrying snow.

We'll update once more information becomes available.

[UPDATE] The victim has been identified as Min Lin, who lived nearby on 54th Street. According to an NYPD release, the driver of the backhoe, a 42-year-old man, was traveling in reverse when he hit Lin. The Daily News and the Wall Street Journal are both reporting that Lin was with her husband loading groceries when the incident occurred, and that her baby boy was delivered by an emergency C-section.