[UPDATES BELOW] A three-alarm fire broke out this afternoon on Bedford Ave and N. 7th in Williamsburg, and firefighters are still battling to put it out. Two firefighters have been transported to Weill-Cornell hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The FDNY says the fire started at 175 Bedford Ave around 1:54 p.m., near the Bedford L station and next door to Ella Cafe. No injuries have been reported yet, and the FDNY says they don't know how or when the fire started. A tipster tells us that two buildings are aflame, and Twitter reports say the fire has spread to three buildings and increased to four-alarm.

There are also reports that a firefighter may be missing, and that a firetruck was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on its way to the scene, but these have not been confirmed by the FDNY.

Untitled from Gothamist on Vimeo.

(Video courtesy Jeremy Savlen)

[Update 3:29 p.m.]: Bedford Ave is apparently closed to traffic between N. 5th and N. 9th Streets.

[Update 3:55 p.m.]: The FDNY says the fire was brought under control at 3:45 p.m. Both 175 Bedford and 177 Bedford have suffered damage, and there may be residual damage at other nearby buildings as well.