Authorities are trying to determine what made two Customs and Border Patrol employees sick after they opened a package at JFK Airport's postal facility this morning. An FDNY spokesman confirmed that the two employees had been examined for "exposure to some chemical," but that no one had been transported to the hospital. A spokesman for FBI New York, J. Peter Donald, told us, "The FBI responded to JFK airport out of an abundance of caution following reports of two sick employees," and added that the agency was "retesting and rescreening the package these employees opened."

The Port Authority has yet to respond to a request for comment.

ABC New York and The Daily News are reporting that the package tested "positive" for "nerve gas," but we'll let ABC provide you with some context:

Field tests showed an initial finding of nerve gas, though authorities believe it's a low likelihood that it's actually nerve gas.

It is more likely a standard-use chemical that shouldn't have been in the mail like a solvent or degreaser.

These things happen! Everyone try and relax.

UPDATE:The substance was phosphoric acid, the same delicious chemical found in soda pop.