Police investigate 13th Street; Photo:  Kill the Bird

The woman's body found in a trunk on East 13th Street has been ID'd, but police are still waiting to contact a family member. The Post and NY Times both have quotes from East Village resident Noah Greensher, who went to the scene after his girlfriend called him about it. He tells the Post how the body had "bad discoloration," while mentions to the Times that the homeless man who discovered the body "ordered the people who had gathered around the trunk to move across the street and asked one couple to call the police." Everyone seems to know police procedure! Another resident told the Times that police were canvassing the neighborhood, "asking whether anyone had seen a white or Latino woman between 25 and 40 years old with dark hair and a tattoo that read 'Nikia.'" But as reader KK commented yesterday, it was a different kind of canvassing:

So right now an NYPD van is slowly going up and down the block here on 11th btw 1st and 2nd with a big pre-recorded megaphone message (sort of like an amped up ice cream truck, or the Lubbavacher rabbi's music blaring mobile home) politely asking people with information on the 'body in a trunk' investigation to call crimestoppers!

Photo from Kill the Bird

, who was on the scene as well.