[UPDATE BELOW] An NYCLU legal observer was arrested during an OWS march in front of an MTA building in Lower Manhattan yesterday. This reporter was standing 20 yards north of the incident and didn't witness the arrest, but videographer Tim Pool captured Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona speaking forcefully to the legal observer, then pulling her into the street by her arm to be arrested. Cardona is best known for punching protester Felix Rivera-Pitre in the face for seemingly no reason at a demonstration on October 14 of last year.

It's unclear what the legal observer was charged with, but NYCLU's Communications Director Jennifer Carnig confirmed that those charges were dropped at around 9:15 p.m. The NYPD's press office has not yet responded to an email regarding the charges.

The march began as a part of Occupy Wall Street's "spring training" sessions in Zuccotti Park in preparation for May Day, and traveled a circuitous route around the Financial District as NYPD barricades prevented the 80 or so participants from appearing in front of Federal Hall. One man banging a drum was arrested along the way. The march ended up in front of 2 Broadway, which is the office of the MTA's Materiel Division and Solicitation Management Unit.

One MTA employee, who refused to give their name because of their employer, expressed support for OWS but was baffled that the MTA was a target for protest. "They're basically at the mercy of the state—all these budget cuts are Cuomo's fault." A protester who also requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the action said, "The TWU asked us to do this. Not officially, but they want us here." That assertion could not be confirmed.

Later, a group of at least 200 protesters gathered across the street from the "First Amendment Area" on Federal Hall to ring the People's Gong, and others, five women and one man, were arrested for lying down on a nearby sidewalk on Broad Street. A man who appeared to be working as a building supervisor quickly appeared with a hose and washed off the sidewalk as soon as the protesters were arrested and removed. At least 40 NYPD officers were used to detain those six protesters.

[UPDATE] Carnig tells us that the NYCLU legal observer who was arrested is the organization's OWS coordinator, Katherine Bromberg. She was charged with disorderly conduct and blocking pedestrian traffic before the charges were dropped.