Ask/demand and you shall receive, I guess: Yesterday, I reported that we would have to wait until Saturday night to finally see our first signs of winter weather, but now it looks like the snow schedule has been pushed up to TOMORROW (Thursday) NIGHT. Yes, two snows in about two days. It's all very exciting, I'm sure you will agree.

According to AccuWeather, the storm that stands to blanket us with maybe 1 to 3 inches beginning Thursday evening will be "no powerhouse," just a little something to ease you into the frozen hellscape we may face on Monday. According to the National Weather Service, the main snow event will begin after 8 p.m. on Thursday, with temps bottoming out around 30, 80 percent odds of precipitation, and an inch of powder possible.

The snow should continue overnight—cozy—giving way to rain, with temps climbing up to 42. All told, the NWS expects we'll get about an inch and a half of accumulation, but The Weather does as The Weather sees fit.

It's been a minute since we've seen snow, and while some of you might be grateful for that—still shivering at the memory of November's microblizzard—I am, as previously stated, ready. I remain excited for and appreciative of this opportunity to dip a toe back into the icy tundra before the situation gets inescapably real on Sunday. To reiterate, AccuWeather anticipates snowfall beginning Saturday evening (which may actually mean "after 1p.m.," we'll see), morphing into rain overnight as temperatures rise into the 40s. But then, the temps could pull a 180 and plummet into the single-digits-to-teens arena, the worst arena of them all, leaving us either with a snow-ice-snow layercake, or frozen lakes of standing water where our sidewalks and streets used to be.

Either way, Monday looks likely to be a frigid, "frozen mess." At least this way, with the two snows fresh in your mind, the wintry mix will pose less of a shock to the system. Maybe!