John Oliver's "Make America Drumpf Again" segment on Last Week Tonight is a must-see for anyone who fears a potential anointment of The Orange One—Oliver delightfully skewers Donald Trump and his terrible steaks with aplomb. But it appears at least one parent at a high school in New Jersey had her brains eaten by The Walking Merkin—she complained after a teacher showed the Drumpf clip to his class, and now he's reportedly been forced to resign. Drumpf's America is already here!

Joe Ventre, a history teacher at Middletown South High School, reportedly showed the clip in class, an action one parent found offensive enough to report to school officials. Administrators reportedly confronted Ventre about violating his contract by revealing his political bias good taste, and forced him to agree to resign at the end of the school year, a move that's infuriated a number of less oversensitive parents. "It’s a travesty,” district parent Kathi Van Zandt, who is leading an initiative to keep Ventre on staff, told the Post. “It’s just ridiculous.”

Students and parents are now circulating a petition in support of Ventre, with one student noting the teacher "knows how to understand kids' feelings and is an honor to have as a teacher. He is one of my role models and losing him would negatively effect mine and many other students' lives." The petition has 2,316 supporters as of this morning. Parents are also appealing to the Board of Education—in a letter, Van Zandt wrote: “To lose him, to allow ONE PARENT to make that decision because she was offended at a TV SHOW, is absolutely ludicrous and you know it."

Coincidentally, John Oliver's former boss Jon Stewart lives in Middletown with his wife and children—Van Zandt has reportedly reached out to him about Ventre's predicament.

Now let's rewatch the clip, which is fantastic:

Update: Now it seems that Ventre may not be resigning over this after all.