Two or three floors of a Hackensack parking garage "pancaked" at around 10 a.m. this morning. Apparently two or three people are in the rubble (their condition is unknown) and it's unclear if others are trapped. Hackensack Fire Department Lt. Stephen Lindner told that though the cause is yet to be determined, the collapse could be due to nearby construction on Prospect Towers, an 18-story luxury high rise that towers over the garage. Here's video from MSNBC:

Authorities are concerned that vibrations from passing cars could induce additional collapse of the rest of the structure, and all traffic has been stopped in the area. Rescue teams are searching the area and it is unclear if there are any injuries at this time. Joanne Rose, a secretary at a Synogogue near Prospect Towers, notified authorities of two temple congregants who live in the building and may be trapped under the collapsed garage. "It's so scary," Rose said. "I can't get hold of them. I called both of them. I left messages."

UPDATE: 1:55 p.m.: CBS2 now reports that rescuers are trying to reach one person trapped in a car in the collapsed parking garage. Emergency workers can see the victim but cannot reach him or her because they're concerned about the possibility of another collapse. It's also believed that two or three other people may also be trapped, and it's now being reported that the garage collapsed after a glass canopy fell off of the condo.