In case you hadn't heard, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are hosting some big rally in Washington, D.C. today, and it looks like a lot of New Yorkers were making the southward schlep to see what it's all about. At 5:30 a.m., folks lined up outside CitiField to hop on buses provided by the Huffington Post, and according to Late Night Done Right the meet up wasn't a total clusterfuck. Though there were 20 different lines for buses, everyone got on in a calm and orderly fashion, and they were D.C. bound by 6 a.m. How sane and reasonable!

For all your Rally For Sanity And/Or Fear news, DCist will be updating a Twitter feed from the event, which kicked off at noon. And if you happen to be there, here's a list of everything you need to know about the event, plus a few non-rally things to do in the city.

[UPDATE] We spoke too soon! Commenter "Zzzzanzabar" just posted this in the comment section:

I'm currently on a HuffPost bus still headed for DC. I was at CitiField at 5:15 this morning and didnt board a bus until 7:30, because there was no security or line control, so everyone just mobbed the lines, even if they arrived late. There were no line dividers, no people telling you where to go, and no one telling people not to be dicks and skip the lines. It was a complete clusterfuck. I'm not sure how far we are from the rally, but I know it started an hour ago and we're not there yet. It was very kind of HuffPost to provide this service, but they had to have known how many people were coming and should have gotten some more people to do anything to have helped make it run smoother and more effectively.

So far they've missed The Roots, the guys from Mythbusters doing some crazy experiments with the crowd, and Stephen Colbert in an Evel Knievel outfit.