[UPDATE BELOW] The latest hot trend in aviation appears to be hiring pilots to fly by Wall Street with economy-related messages. On Tuesday afternoon a St. Louis investment banker and single mom hired a small plane to fly by the Financial District with a banner that read, "THANKS FOR THE DOWNGRADE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED." Today another plane follows in her flight path, with a more opaque message: "Downgrade hurts but USD no Ruble. Always be Frugal." We're not really sure that's the kick in the balls one really wants with a Wall Street fly-by, but we have a hunch who's behind it.

The tipster who alerted us says he spotted the plane from the Brooklyn Promenade a few minutes ago. We suppose the meh-ssage is that at least our currency isn't as weak as Russia's (currently one US dollar = 29.6200 Russian rubles), and that Wall Streeters should save their money... instead of putting it back into the economy?

Will Wall Street ever recover from this stinging rebuke? We're calling it: The Wall Street banner thing has officially jumped the shark. Wake us when someone hires a skywriter to draw a giant Goatse over Wall Street with flaming dollar bills raining out of it.

UPDATE: It's viral marketing, duh.