After Gothamist reported yesterday on a vicious fight on an uptown 6 train that left a woman bleeding severely from the face, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is trying to track down the train crew on duty when the melee took place. "We still haven't isolated the crew yet. We are trying to isolate the crew and take it from there," said MTA Transit spokesman James Anyansi.

It remains unclear exactly when the altercation took place and why the fight broke out. Also uncertain is how the train crew responded to the brawl. When fights occur, crews are expected to reach out to dispatchers before proceeding, Anyansi said. "They contact the rail control center right away. The rail control center relays the call to the NYPD. Then the NYPD gives instruction as to what should to happen — whether or not they should stay in the station and wait for police."

During the fight, passengers appear to hold car doors open for more than two and a half minutes — but police and MTA employees don't show up, the Post points out. Towards the end of the brawl, a woman who had been trying to break up the fight by pleading "Please stop!" is punched in the face on the platform of the 3rd Avenue/138th Street station. As the video cuts out, the bloodied woman is dragged back onto the train as the doors close. Some commenters on the subway forum SubChat claim that the train crew wasn't responsive enough and could have sounded the horn for assistance because at the Third Avenue-138th Street station "there is a good chance that there is a cop in the booth."

MTA Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges told Gothamist that unless witnesses come forward with more information about when the fight occurred, it will be difficult for authorities to track down those who are responsible.

As of this writing we have no reports of this incident, no customer complaints/reports made to any employee that night. Without a specific date to go by, or a car number, or time of incident it’s going to be hard for us to track this down. Believe me, we are not amused by this video and would like nothing other than to be able to track this down and get to the bottom of it — including providing information to the NYPD for them to make arrests in this case.