Last night New Jersey teen Kara Alongi disappeared after issuing a cry for help on Twitter, asking her followers to call 911 because there was an intruder in her parents' suburban home. It was 6:12 p.m., and Alongi, 16, was home alone in Clark, NJ while the rest of her family attended her brother's sporting event. Her distress call was quickly replicated on Twitter, and 15 hours later, Alongi has over 92,000 followers. She's currently missing, but local police now believe she left of her own volition.

After a thorough search of the home, police found no signs of a forced entry or struggle. "She is currently still missing, but we are confident she left voluntarily," Scherb told Patch. "No abduction, no foul play. We are investigating this as a missing runaway juvenile. We still don't know whether she ran away or if there was any foul play. There are no obvious signs of a break-in and the home was not ransacked. The door was open. Kara, if you see this, please contact your parents or Clark Police. You will not be in trouble. We are concerned for your safety."

Update 9:51 a.m.: A cab driver told police he picked her up at her home and dropped her off at the Rahway Train Station last night, not long after her Twitter cry for help.

A "Help Find Kara Alongi" Facebook page was quickly created and now has over 5,000 likes, and the #HelpFindKara Twitter hashtag is attracting a lot of attention, including speculation that Alongi's cry for help was a teen crying wolf. One user posted a screenshot of a Twitter profile that appears to be Alongi's, with an additional tweet reading, "Wtf? Why is everyone saying I'm missing? It was a jkin haha." This tweet was then deleted, the theory goes:

Of course, this has spawned its own subsection of debate about whether that tweet was real or Photoshop:


At any rate, police are still searching for the teen, and we'll update when this mystery is solved. In the meantime, the #HelpFindKara hashtag is still going strong: