[UPDATE: We spoke to the victim, a college student who just moved to NYC three weeks ago.] Some random things have been happening on Broad Street by Exchange Place lately. Last month a security truck killed an elderly man eating lunch in a horrific freak accident and today a tipster writes in to report that a futon mattress randomly flew into the middle of the sidewalk and knocked a man out.

We're hearing conflicting reports as to whether or not the mattress flew off of a truck or came out of a building's window a little after 1 p.m.—but the aftermath can clearly be seen in this photo tweeted by @OMG_ITSHIM. Neither the NYPD or the FDNY had any information about the incident when we called them, though the victim was reportedly taken away in an ambulance. Hopefully we'll learn more soon!

Meanwhile, it is very windy out there today folks, and a flying mattress warning remains in effect.

Update: A reader tells us, "I watched this whole thing go down from my office window. The mattress caught my eye and I watched it fall all the way down and land on this poor guy. It certainly did not fly off a truck. It must have flown off a rooftop terrace at least 30 floors up as I work on the 24th floor and saw it come down from above."