UPDATE April 14th:The Manhattan D.A. has dropped all charges against Leach and has instead charged the man who accused Leach of attacking him. Prosecutors say security camera footage did not corroborate the allegations made by Curtis Campbell, 50, and Campbell has now been charged with filing a false report and attempted assault.

A Rochester native who has been living in Queens was arrested around 8 a.m. Sunday morning and charged with attempted assault as a hate crime after he allegedly kicked a gay man in the groin and took a swing at him outside Madison Square Garden. Grant Leach, 26, allegedly approached the victim and his friend in front of 2 Pennsylvania Plaza and asked, "Are you a boy? What are you? You guys are faggots. You guys should suck d---."

According to a criminal complaint provided by the Manhattan D.A.'s office, Leach's kick caused "substantial pain to the stomach and groin area. He also allegedly tried to punch the victim with a closed fist. Amtrak Police Department officer Gregory Holman witnessed the incident and intervened, and Leach was arrested and also charged with harassment, in addition to the hate crime charge.

In an interview with the Daily News, the man Leach allegedly attacked said he was just standing by the Garden talking with a friend when Leach approached them without provocation and got in their faces. "This is the first time I’ve experienced something like this, where a person just looks at a person and pre-judges them, and so blatant out in the public," Curtis Campbell, 50, told the tabloid.

According to Campbell, Leach walked up and asked his friend if she was a man or a woman. The friend replied, "What does it matter?” Leach allegedly threatened to kill her in response, saying, "Oh, so you’re a homosexual. I’ll kill you. You don’t know what I could do to you."

Earlier this month, a man was arrested for hate crime graffiti inside Penn Station, and two years ago a Knicks fan allegedly beat up a gay couple near Madison Square Garden.

"We are gay,” Campbell told the News, “but the fact that he took it to a level of physical violence — now I just want to be isolated. It’s like post-traumatic stress. God forbid he had a weapon or a gun. Who knows? We could’ve been dead."