Friday afternoon Benny Geritano and Lucali's owner Mark Iacono got into a knife fight on Smith Street, for unclear reasons (nobody is cooperating with the authorities). What is clear is that both men have been charged in the fight. Iacono has been charged with assault and Geritano, though initially only charged with assault, yesterday saw his charges upgraded to attempted murder and was smacked with a $250,000 bail. Geritano is due back in court on Thursday. Update: Scratch that, the Brooklyn DA today upgraded the charges against Iacono to attempted murder as well.

Why such a high bail? As his lawyer even admitted at the arraignment yesterday "There is no question that Mr. Geritano has a lengthy criminal record," (he then continued "but even a convicted felon has the right to self-defense.”). Geritano has 10 previous arrests, two prior attempted murder charges and a lot of ties to the mob and was already on probation for his role in a "bank-robbery spree."

Iacono, meanwhile, has his own connections to the Family and is keeping mum on the fight. But, reportedly he's pissed about the charges he's facing. "I got arrested because of all the publicity," Iacono was overheard bitching from his bed in Lutheran Hospital. "They think this is some kind of mob story. I was just trying to defend myself."

Though over the weekend Iacono said he'd be back making pizza soon, he isn't at it yet. Nobody is currently answering the phone at Lucali's.