Update Below: Subway turnstiles are typically supposed to serve a purpose. You go through them to get into the train, right? Totally, that makes sense. What makes less sense are these detached turnstiles, which appear to be hanging out inside the station itself, purposeless and trapped in transit purgatory.

As a tipster informed us this morning, the block of turnstiles have inexplicably been lingering inside the Nassau G stop, on the southbound entrance at Manhattan and Nassau, and getting in the way of commuters trying to swipe through the actual entrance. Greenpoint resident Jess Kallberg first noticed them on Tuesday and they were still there as of this morning.

No construction or disrupted service is scheduled along the G this weekend, so it's unclear why they've been stranded there for days. "You swipe into the revolving door style turnstile, and they're directly in front of there," Kallberg writes. "These turnstiles are actually blocking traffic and making it difficult to navigate during busy rush hours."

What gives? Are these new, decorative turnstiles or are they old turnstiles waiting to be taken to a farm upstate?

Update: "The four high turnstiles shown in the photo - two of which are exit-only - will be replaced by four new standard bidirectional ones to help improve customer flow at this station," MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek wrote in a statement to Gothamist. "This is just one of many station improvements in different parts of the system - including turnstiles, platforms, stairways and elevators - being done in tandem with the L Project and to leave behind permanent capacity improvements in key areas."

In the meantime, might I recommend listening to the hardcore band Turnstile? They are extremely good!