Update: The soldier next to Hipster Cop has come forward to tell us that "his impression" is that the uniform belonged to a Lieutenant Colonel on the general staff to the British army and member of the royal family just following WWI. Keith Tritto, the man in uniform, adds, "Rick is a good man who served during 9/11 and continues to do great things for the public. I'm proud to call him my best friend!"

Yesterday our mild obsession with the NYPD's so-called Hipster Cop took on a new dimension, when we spotted a photo of H.C. dressed to impress at a Justin Bieber record signing. He's a True Belieber! But like any real hipster, Detective Rick Lee doesn't limit himself to one narrow musical genre—last weekend he surfaced at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island, where we hear he nodded his head approvingly to classic cuts from the Roaring Twenties.

Photographer Gabi Porter spotted H.C. decked out in this dazzling three-piece suit, chatting with what appears to be a Weimar-era German officer. For a brief, dazzling moment we thought we were in possession of a photo showing Hipster Cop hanging with a jack-booted S.S. officer. HIPSTER COP NAZI SYMPATHIZER headlines immediately flashed through our minds. Then we remembered our stupid history, and unfortunately this kind of headline doesn't quite have the same cachet: HIPSTER COP PARTIES WITH LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC GERMANS WHO LET THEIR COUNTRY DIP INTO HYPERINFLATION & INCUBATE FASCISTS.

A source tells us that when a reporter asked Detective Lee what he does for a living, he replied, "I'm a detective... You mean you don't know me? I'm the Hipster Cop." (We bet he gets seated immediately at The Breslin with that line.) Tune in tomorrow for EXCLUSIVE pics of Hipster Cop in Malibu snorting coke poolside off of Jeremy Piven's diving board as a naked Pastor Terry Jones does a cannonball into the deep end with a Koran in his teeth!