We thought everyone agreed that the alleged foot fetish photos/videos of Rex Ryan's wife Michelle were no big deal? Isn't it enough that Rex just thinks his wife is "awesome" ? Now, new photos of a woman who looks a lot like Mrs. Ryan (whose alleged online moniker is "ihaveprettyfeet") have appeared online, and the provocative photos are bound to throw a little more fuel on the foot fetish fire. [ NSFW Update below]

In the photos, posted at Mediatakeout, a man who is without question not the Jets coach is rubbing and smelling the bare feet of the woman who resembles Michelle. It's not NSFW, but they have freaked out the News, which calls them, "X-rated internet photos that put FootGate to shame." A Jets spokesman reiterated Rex's feelings about the issue: "Coach Ryan considers this a personal matter and will have no comment." Whether this is or isn't Michelle, the Ryans need to memorize the first rule of the internet: never put anything you wouldn't be willing to show your Grandmother on the internet.

UPDATE: Um, via @adrianchen, here are the very NSFW photos. The News' headline makes...more sense now.