When you wake up to a 21-clang salute from your radiator and see that with wind chill it's -4 degrees out, not much news is going to make you feel better unless it allows you to revel in schadenfreude. Which we're guessing is why the East Village's iced Audi has become the symbol of this bitter blast—even if you can't feel your toes, at least that isn't your car. (Unless it is, in which case we hope you have a fun time waiting for spring.) The Post has already used the car in its piece about the freezing temperatures, and earlier this morning we spotted three news vans parked on the block.

Things only seem to be getting worse for the car. It was allegedly first coated after a water main burst. The vehicle is parked next to a sinkhole on 2nd street, and somehow the water sitting in the hole hasn't frozen. Thus, whenever a car drives by the Audi gets struck with a fresh coat of soon-to-freeze water. But perhaps all this media attention will send some do-gooders over with ice picks and heating pads. And to the Audi owner: it could be worse. Your car could be covered in penises.

[UPDATE] CBS 2 tracked down the owner of the icicle car, and it turns out he has a pretty good attitude about the whole thing. Pete says he parked the car on Friday evening, and that a leaky pipe caused the sinkhole and water to bubble up and freeze over. He has attempted to crack the ice with a hammer and a screwdriver but they were no match for the six-inch coating. He said, “It could be worse like if that was me or a family member covered in ice that wouldn’t be good; so it’s all relative.”