A press conference on the reauthorization of New York City speed cameras was cut short on Friday after Congressman Jerry Nadler suffered a medical issue on the podium.

Nadler, the 71-year-old chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, appeared to briefly lose consciousness during the Q&A portion of the Upper West Side briefing.

"You seem a little dehydrated, brother," said Mayor Bill de Blasio, handing him a water bottle as a voice over the loud speaker declared a "code blue" in the gymnasium. Medical personnel quickly surrounded Nadler, and the room was cleared of reporters and advocates.

A spokesperson for Nadler's office told Gothamist that "he is okay. Seems to have been dehydrated and it was very warm in the room. He was sitting down so did not faint or anything. He is responsive and receiving a check-up." Reporters on the scene said he appeared to be in "okay spirits," and photos show him smiling.

De Blasio, Nadler and several elected officials had gathered at the West End school to tout a "rapid expansion" of speed cameras in the city, following the passage of a state law reauthorizing the program earlier this month. Starting in July, the cameras will expand to 750 school zones, with extended hours of operation, including on summer weekdays and evenings.

The mayor also said he will begin pushing for reforms in Albany to escalate fines and suspend vehicle registration for repeat speeding and red-light offenders. A spokesperson for the Mayor's Office did not respond to Gothamist's inquiries about whether he supported similar legislation in the City Council.

On Thursday, Nadler told MSNBC that he'd spoken to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about his investigation into Trump, and that Mueller was prepared to testify in private before Congress.

UPDATE: Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters outside the press conference it seemed Nadler was "just taking a little nap for a moment. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, 'Jerry are you okay?' He didn’t respond right away."

The mayor added that "after a few minutes he started coming back to his energetic self," speculating that it was probably just dehydration. Nadler has since been removed from the premises in an ambulance. President Trump has not tweeted about the episode...yet.