[UPDATE BELOW] Well, that didn't take long. Though officials claimed Greenpoint's East River Ferry stop would be ready for service by today, it appears the India Street dock won't be in operation until next week. And the G train goes poof between Nassau Ave and Court Square at 10:30 p.m. tonight, so now might be a good time to quit your job and sunbathe by the shores of your friendly neighborhood Superfund site.

The ferry stop, which has been out of service since the ramp's mysterious collapse in February, was scheduled to return before the much maligned shutdown. Now, though, it won't be back until July 31, according to News 12 Brooklyn. "Our options are getting a bit scarce,” one Greenpoint resident told the Brooklyn Paper. “This might be pretty miserable.”

There's always the L train!

Update 2:25 p.m.: SWEET RELIEF. The New York City Economic Development Corporation tells us that Greenpoint ferry service will finally resume tomorrow morning, just in time for the G train shutdown.

The shuttle bus that's been taking commuters from India Street to the ferry's North 6th Street landing in Williamsburg will continue to operate during morning and evening rush hours through next Wednesday.