[UPDATES BELOW] Former Libyan dictator Moammer Gadhafi is "killed"! Or wounded! But definitely captured. Or maybe not? Something's happening. We'll update as information becomes available, but at press time that other guy who killed 270 people in the Pan Am 103 bombing is still chilling in his crib.

CNN claims to have video of his capture. But as of 8:30 a.m. there are still conflicting reports on whether Gadhafi was killed or captured in the fall of Sirte. Reuters cites Libya's ruling National Transition Council [NTC] saying Qaddafi was captured and wounded in both legs when NATO warplanes attacked a convoy when he was trying to flee. Of course, in August the NTC said they'd captured his son, but then he strolled into the luxury hotel where many reporters were staying/trapped in Tripoli.

Update 8:45 a.m.: The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Sirte says, "I have spoken to the man who says that he captured him... he said he found him hiding in a hole." A spokesman for the NTC says, "Gaddafi is dead, absolutely dead. He was shot in both legs and in the head." It seems safe to say that Gadhafi was either killed or wounded while trying to escape Sirte in a convoy. Here is a graphic cell phone photo supposedly showing the wounded dictator.

Update 10:40 a.m.: Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril says Gadhafi has been killed. Al Jazeera video appears to show his corpse. A military spokesman for the interim government, Abdel Rahman Busin, says, “Surt is fully liberated.” And the BBC reports that a fighter in his 20s, wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap, said he had found the colonel hiding in a hole in the ground.

Sue Cohen, whose daughter died in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, tells CBS 2, "If this is true this is going to be the happiest day of my life since Dec. 20, 1988. Lockerbie happened on Dec. 21st. This would be a great day. A tyrant has fallen. If this is true, that is a wonderful thing."

Update 12:46 p.m.: Here's Hillary Clinton reacting to the initial reports of Gadhafi's capture: