[UPDATE BELOW] An M101 bus was stolen this morning by a cigarette-smoking passenger who feared she was being followed.

According to the MTA, a woman in her 50s (who the NYPD described as 34 years old) lit up in the back of the bus around 7:10 a.m. while it was stopped at 96th Street. Upon noticing the smoke, the driver asked her to put out the cigarette and get off the bus, at which point she reportedly became angry.

The driver's command center recommended transferring the passengers to another bus. With the help of another bus driver, the passengers were safely transferred to the next bus—but while the switch was occurring, the woman allegedly jumped into the driver's seat and took control of the vehicle.

She only made it to 100th Street and Third Avenue, where she was blocked by another bus. While she was paused, a dispatcher was able to reach through her window, disable the bus, and open the front door, allowing NYPD officers to board and place her under arrest.

She allegedly told police officers that she stole the bus because she was being followed. After placing her under arrest, police said they transported her to Metropolitan Hospital for evaluation. Charges against her are pending.

The MTA has confirmed that the woman who stole the bus was a former city bus driver who was terminated in July of 2015 for extended absence.