[UPDATE BELOW] Bronx Democrat Pedro Espada, Jr. has been found guilty on at least four counts of theft, reports Capital Tonight. Toward the end of last week, the jury asked the judge if they could submit a partial verdict in the embezzlement trial of Espada and his son Pedro, who are accused of siphoning hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Espada Jr.'s non-profit health clinic to pay for their lavish lifestyle. Jurors have gone back to deliberating on the other charges of embezzlement and three counts of conspiracy. .

We'll have more from the courthouse later—hopefully Espada will hold another press conference to explain how an FBI agent used black magic to turn the jury against him. Last week, Espada's wife and supporters wore red to ward off evil powers; today On Monday, fittingly they all arrived at court dressed in black.

Update 3:56 p.m.: A mistrial has been declared on the remaining charges against Espada and his son. According to NY1, the jury could not reach a verdict on the other charges against Espada, or any of the counts against Pedro G. Espada. The Times has just published a comprehensive look back at the trial, and notes that in her closing argument, Espada's lawyer asked the jury, "A kid who grew up homeless and in the projects and who worked hard his entire life, so what if he wants to live the good life? If he was entitled to the meals, then who cares what kind of meals he had?"

WNYC reports it's now up to the prosecution to decide whether to seek a partial retrial. The judge has given them two weeks to announce their decision. Espada could be sentenced to between 6 and 7 years in prison on the theft conviction.

Update 5:09 p.m.:
Governor Cuomo, whose office indicted Espada when he was Attorney General, has issued a statement saying, in part, ""Those who would abuse the public trust have a pointed lesson in the downfall of former Senator Espada. My comments at the time I filed the original charges bear repeating: in New York, we will have no tolerance for government corruption. As Attorney General and as Governor, I have fought to bring performance, integrity and pride back to what was, at one time, the best state government in the nation. We are making progress."