[UPDATE BELOW] James Murphy is out there trying in vain to beautify your subway turnstile experience, and not only will the MTA not let him, it's also actively reminding you of the futility of your existence. Insufficient fare, insufficient life. Why do you even bother?

The prevailing Reddit theory is that "life" refers not to yours, but the card's, since they expire after roughly a year. We've reached out to the MTA for more information on why we're just never going to be good enough for it, no matter what we do. We'll update if we hear back, but let's face it, we probably won't. Story of our life.

An MTA spokesperson is, in fact, looking into it. But questions about life's abiding insufficiency aren't so easily answered! Stay tuned...

Update, 2:31 p.m.: According to the MTA's Adam Lisberg, "this is a hoax. The system cannot generate this message. You have been punked."