[UPDATE BELOW] An altercation at a Rikers Island facility this afternoon has left at least seven people injured. According to an FDNY spokesman, the injured were retrieved from the Anna Kross Center at around 1:34 p.m. and transported to New York Hospital Queens. Six of the victims suffered minor injuries, while the seventh sustained non-life threatening injuries.

A spokesman for the Department of Corrections declined comment, pending an official announcement. According to the New York Correction History Society, the Anna Kross Center houses 2,400 inmates in 40 different areas covering 40 acres, and also hosts a methadone detox unit and the DOC's Mental Heath Center.

We'll update as more information becomes available.

[UPDATE // 6:14 PM]

DOC Spokesman Robin Campbell says in an email that eight DOC staffers were injured in two fights that took place in the mental health observation unit. The most serious of the injured was bitten by an inmate. Campbell writes:

Following two closely timed incidents at the Anna M. Kross Center mental health observation unit, eight Correction officers were transported to the hospital for assessment and treatment as needed. Two of the eight have been treated and released, including the officer who sustained the most serious injury: a bite on the arm. The others are awaiting assessment. The incidents took place in the area between two housing units (known as the "bridge"). In the first incident, staff intervened after an inmate threatened a non-uniform medical staff member. The second was an assault on staff by an inmate.