Around 1 a.m. this morning, the police responded to a call about a car crash in Howard Beach. When police arrived to the intersection of 159th Avenue and 98th Street, they found an awful crash involving two cars, with their drivers injured.

Police say that a 2006 Ford driven by a 23-year-old was traveling south on 98th Street when it broadsided a 2001 Saturn in the intersection. The Saturn and its driver, Jimmy Sinsi, went "spinning" down the block.

The Ford kept going, hitting a parked car and then went into a stone partition outside of a house. The Ford's driver was taken to Jamaica Hospital, while the Sinisi was pronounced dead at the scene.

A witness told the Daily News that the Ford's driver got out of his burning car and "came to my stoop and took his shoe off, he was limping. "He said 'They went through the light' even though there's no light at the intersection."

The police are investigating.

Update: The police have charged the Ford driver, James Celauro, with vehicular manslaughter and DWAI.