[Update Below] Everyone who has ever plastered an "Imagine Whirled Peas" sign on the back of their Honda knows that there is no better way to introduce yourself to the world and communicate the beliefs you most hold dear than with a bumper sticker. How you represent yourself via the back of your moving vehicle says everything about the content of your soul. One Brooklyn resident chanced upon the car in the photo above driving from Windsor Terrace into Park Slope the other day. "It almost caused me to have an accident," the tipster said. "I managed to stop and take a photo."

In case you can't read all the stickers, here's a rundown of what they say: "A good woman is a subservient frum housewife." "Modern girls: forget Mincha! Dress modestly." "Atheism is a mental disorder. See nature think G-d." "G-d send AIDS to punish male gays." "Hurricane Sandy is G-d's response to gay marriage." "Atheism is a disorder. Evolution is FICTION."

"This guy (and it was a guy) got me so angry I really wanted to rear end him," the tipster added. At this point, the orgiastic assemblage of terrible sticklage almost seems like it has to be self-parody...except who actually uses bumper stickers ironically?

Update: After several commenters have alleged that the photo is fake, the tipster who sent us the photo sent an email defending herself. Lisa Gibbs says she took the photo herself driving home from work, and stands by its authenticity:

I am a public school teacher in Brooklyn. I was driving home from work and I was behind this guy and saw his bumper stickers.

I stopped at a red light and took this photo. (Not safe. I know. Sorry. Didn't want to tell you that at first. )

I honestly don't even know HOW to photoshop!

I DID send the photo to my daughter who posted it on her Facebook page. I haven't seen it (I don't want to be the kind of parent who friends my daughter on Facebook to spy on her) so I haven't seen how she's posted it. But I gather she's gotten a LOT of responses about it!

I sent it to my daughter hours after I sent it to you, BTW.

I am Jewish, despite the Yankee sounding name. I spent 10 years in Yeshiva, and my dad was a German Jew who escaped Germany just months before Kristallnacht.

I'm actually shocked that you'd think I made up such a thing. How could someone dream something like this up?