A 28-year-old delivery man on a bicycle was struck by two cars in Manhattan last night. First, a Lexus struck him from behind at Eighth Avenue and West 47th Street around 10:15 p.m. A witness told the Post that the driver "rammed into the 28-year-old bike rider near 47th Street with an impact so violent that the cyclist's head knocked out the windshield on the passenger side." In spite of that, the driver did not stop and kept going.

Then the delivery man was run over by a BMW SUV, whose driver stopped and remained at the scene.Update

: It turns out the bicyclist was thrown under a BMW SUV, which was double parked.

The Lexus' driver, Clark Gettinger, was eventually caught at 50th Street. According to the Post, he got stuck in traffic there and "cops were able to surround the vehicle. Gettinger tried to flee on foot but was soon captured and placed under arrest... The luxury sedan is registered to Robert S. Gettinger, a Madoff victim who lost some $13 million to the scammer. He died in 2009. Clark Gettinger is a Manhattan resident, according to the police."

A witness said, "It took [the FDNY] 15 minutes to get [the victim out from under the car." The delivery man was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.