[UPDATE BELOW] The half-completed shell of a failed condo construction site at the corner of South 4th Street and Bedford has been a Williamsburg eyesore for years, and now the graffiti-tagged nondo has added another layer of infamy: this morning a dead body was carted away from the location.

The FDNY responded to a 911 call at 8:30 this morning and found a dead man at the property. The NYPD press office tells us an unidentified Hispanic male had a stab wound to the neck, but the cause of death will be officially declared by the medical examiner in a few days.

This marks the second dead body to surface at a stalled construction site in the neighborhood this year. In June, a dead man was found at the stalled construction site on South 5th Street between Bedford and Driggs (right where the legendary Rubulad parties started). As it happens, construction at that site resumed not long after the body was found, and a new monstrosity is now rapidly rising up on the property.

Update 3:11 p.m.: Locals say the victim was a day laborer who was well-liked in the neighborhood. His name hasn't been released pending family notification, but Southside residents say he went by the nicknames Honduras and Harley. He was known to sleep in the stalled condo at night, and the body was discovered by his friend, Cuba Castellano, who tells DNAinfo, "He was face down. There was a lot of blood from his head. I saw him and tried to get him up. I was yelling, 'Get up! Get up! I just shook him, but he was too stiff. He was dead already."

Neighborhood residents say the victim originally hailed from Honduras, but sent money to his wife and two children in Texas. Paul Sandoz, a super who works in the neighborhood, tells the Daily News, “Everybody knows him. It’s so sad. Such a good guy. He was a hell of a worker."