[UPDATE BELOW]A report that just came in over the wires that sounds appalling: Two bike riders collided on the Hudson River Greenway down in Tribeca, and one of them got impaled. According to preliminary reports, a female cyclist "has her hands impaled in the bicycle." We're trying to figure out how this happened, but it's possible one of the cyclists had unwrapped handlebars? What's not surprising is that there was a collision on the bike path—though deceptively safe, that bike path is often packed with cyclists who ride even more recklessly because they're not pedaling through traffic. Take it easy, people!

Update: Turns out it wasn't a cyclist who was impaled but a jogger... who was hit by a cyclist. (And just in time for tomorrow's anti-bike lane protest!) The Post reports that the cyclist collided with an unidentified 54-year-old jogger, and the handlebar punctured her arm. "People were standing around trying to get the bicycle loose," one witness tells the tabloid. The poor woman wasn't freed until the FDNY got there and removed the bike from her arm. A source says the cyclist was uninjured and was not charged.