[UPDATE BELOW] Governor Cuomo—who is totally not running for President in 2020, no sirree, what me, no way, aw shucks—will meet with President-elect Donald Trump today to discuss "issues of importance to New York." Cuomo is running for President in 2020 concerned about the likely impending Obamacare repeal, which will cost the state over $3 billion, and he's hoping his old donor Donnie will... listen to reason? Yeah, good luck with that.

Cuomo, who briefly claimed that native son Trump could be a "bonus" for New York before he realized the statement might be politically disadvantageous, will meet with Trump in his gilded tower on Fifth Avenue. He told reporters he hopes he can convince Trump to keep allotting New York federal cash. "I think it would be helpful to him to have a discussion about how these issues effect the practical," he said at the Executive Mansion yesterday evening, adding he plans to bring up, "what does Medicaid mean for the State of New York, what happens if the Affordable Care Act goes away and there are uninsured people?"

Cuomo says he also intends to discuss homelessness (Trump "knows how bad homelessness is," Cuomo said) as well as his plans to rebuild a significant chunk of the state's infrastructure, including a roundabout LaGuardia Airport AirTrain connection; a planned overhaul of Penn Station, and the renovation of the Javits Center. "He’s very good with numbers," Cuomo said of Trump, which makes sense, since the man's spent the bulk of the last decade trying to contain his thoughts within 140 characters.

Note that the next time you see Trump and Cuomo together might be on the presidential debate stage HAR HAR HAR HAR oh god who will come kill us.

Update 4:14 p.m.: Cuomo spoke with reporters after he emerged from Trump's lair earlier today, and though it appears he attempted to bend the President-elect's ear, it's not clear if he actually got anywhere. Cuomo said he and Trump discussed infrastructure and homelessness, but the big talk was on the Affordable Care Act. From the pool report:

"Many of the issues that are being discussed in Washington would have a profound effect on New York. Not just New York, but all big states across the country. I wanted to make sure that he was aware of the impact on places like New York."

He said it "would be devastating to the state of New York, California, etc., if you didn’t allow the people of this state to deduct their state and local taxes.”

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act would leave three million New Yorkers uninsured. "That’s three million families. It would have a dramatic impact on the state, and not just for those three million. We now live in a community where if you sneeze, I get sick, right? This is all about public health. So some of the changes to the Affordable Care Act would have dramatic results on New York if the federal government does make changes to Obamacare. It’s very important to protect the accomplishments that Obamacare also brought to us."

Cuomo also said he and Trump didn't waste time chatting about nothing. "We didn’t chew the fat," he said, when asked. "We didn’t chew the fat, please. We may be two people with Queens accents but we never chewed the fat."