[UPDATE BELOW] The hunt is still on for the man who was spotted transporting a woman's corpse in a Staten Island neighborhood yesterday. One resident who spotted the man said, "The body was dangling off the cart. He had stuff on top of the body—trying to camouflage it."

Authorities believe that Anthony Lopez, 31, was the person seen wheeling the body on a dolly in Mariners Harbor. Apparently an off-duty police officer spotted him around 7 a.m., and, the Staten Island Advance reports, recognized Lopez from a previous arrest. But when Lopez saw the officer, he ran and abandoned the body, which was wrapped with a cloth.

A photograph of the dolly, left on the lawn, was published yesterday.

The body belongs to a woman in her 20s or 30s, and it's suspected that she's Lopez's wife. In an interview with CBS New York, a neighbor said "she often saw the victim and the suspect together. She said they lived in the Richmond Court condominium complex on Richmond Terrace about a block away. 'She would come outside, and I would see her a lot with bruises,' the neighbor said. 'She was very scared of him.'"

The neighbor added, "He’s a very well-known crackhead and drug user, so when he used, I feel like it really added to his aggression."

Another resident was rattled, telling NBC New York the body was "Half naked, half dressed. This don't make no sense, this is not that type of block. This is not that type of neighborhood."

Update 5:28 p.m.: SI Advance reports that police have a person in custody.

Meanwhile, the deceased has been identified as 26-year-old Obiamaka Aduba.