[Update Below] Police shot two female bystanders in Times Square last night while confronting an emotionally disturbed man who “simulated shooting the officers." A 35-year-old man was acting erratically—weaving in and out of traffic—in the middle of W. 42nd Street at Eighth Avenue around 9:35 p.m. Saturday night. When cops attempted to detain him, he suddenly “reached into his pocket, took out his hand, and simulated as if he was shooting at them,” Commissioner Ray Kelly said. You can see photos and video of the incident below.

Police said one officer fired one shot, not striking the man. Then another officer who had responded fired two shots at the man, also not striking him. Instead, two pedestrians standing on the northeast corner of 8th Avenue and West 42nd Street were struck. A 54-year-old woman who uses a walker was struck in the lower right leg and rushed to Bellevue Hospital. A 35-year-old woman was grazed in her buttocks and was transported to Roosevelt Hospital.

Witness Mike Favilla told The News that the man took out his Metrocard and "aimed it at the cop. He was pretending like he had a gun...He definitely looked like he was high on something or was mentally off. He couldn’t walk in a straight line. He was limping and jerking his legs around.” Kelly added, "The individual was blocking traffic and appeared to be attempting to be hit by cars."

Kerri Ann Nesbith, who took many of the photos above, said the victim with the walker had been standing next to her: “Blood was just leaking out of her pants,” Nesbeth said. “She was crying out in pain and yelling, ‘Help me!’” “It was unreal,” Favilla added. “I’ve lived in New York City all my life and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The man was ultimately brought down with a Taser, and taken to Bellevue Hospital in custody; he only had his wallet in his possession. The two officers who fired have 18 months and three years on the job, and neither had been involved with shootings before.

Update: Cops have now identified the emotionally disturbed man as 35-year-old Brooklyn resident Glenn Broadnax. He has been charged with menacing, obstructing governmental administration, riot, criminal possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The names of the two officers involved in the shooting have not yet been released.