[UPDATE BELOW] Cops don't tend to make a secret of their distaste for the city's cyclists, but rarely is that contempt captured so perfectly in a single image.

As an officer, it's important to clearly delineate which strip of bike lane belongs to which patrol car, since that's who will get credit for ticketing the cyclist who tries to bike around. By my estimation, Casey Neistat would have made it only a few feet before breaking his neck on a squad car's hood.

"It is the NYPD's job to keep sidewalks and bike lanes safe and clear, and so this is sort of making a mockery of their role in Vision Zero, and that aspect of protecting public safety," said Caroline Samponaro, the Senior Director of Campaigns and Organizing for Transportation Alternatives. "I think it's fair for New Yorkers to expect the NYPD to lead by example, and if they're parking in a bike lane, and even worse, claiming the space as their own, what message are they sending to drivers?"

Funny how when it's the other way around, perpetrators are slammed with a criminal mischief charge. Whoops, did I say funny? That's not the word I was looking for.

Update, 4:55 p.m.: Aw, looks like someone got in twouble.

Your tax dollars at work, comrades.

Update 5:30 p.m.: The NYPD press office said, in an emailed statement, "The markings have been removed."