Just a quick update for those of you playing Cop Arrest Bingo; we've spun the little Bingo ball and plucked out the first item of the day, so get your markers ready: It is... NYPD Officer charged with Assault. Yes, according to the NYPD press office, Officer Paule Rivera (that's right, Paule with an "e") was arrested shortly before 1 a.m. this morning "within the confines of the 26th Precinct." (That's located in upper Manhattan and is bounded by the Hudson River and Henry Hudson Parkway.)

There are no details yet regarding the nature of Rivera's charges—the NYPD will only say that 35-year-old officer was charged with assault in the third degree. The Internet tells us this is "the most commonly charged criminal offenses in New York City... Allegations of assault can arise from a number of ways, including through the use of verbal threats or touching another person against their will."

We'll update as more information about Rivera's arrest becomes available. This marks the fifth NYPD officer arrested in as many days. (Two NYPD employees were also arrested.) Over the weekend, three cops were arrested for DWI, and a fourth cop, Miguel Gomez, was charged with unlawful surveillance after allegedly deriving "sexual gratification" from hidden camera footage of his step-daughter. His attorney insists Gomez just made "a single recording of the victim. It was taken in the bathroom and no sexual activity was recorded." We're sure there's a simple explanation for why that camera was in the bathroom—God knows those seashell soaps have a funny way of disappearing.

Update 11:03 a.m.:The Post reports that Rivera was arrested after assaulting a customer at a Hamilton Heights grocery store where he moonlights as a security guard. Sources say Rivera was working at the grocery, located at 12th Avenue and West 132nd Street, when he got into a fight with a customer shortly after midnight. Police were summoned, and Rivera was arrested at the premises. It's still unclear what injuries the customer sustained.