[UPDATE BELOW] New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been taken to the hospital because he had difficulty breathing, Fox 5 reports. We'll update as more information comes available, but Christie's spokesman Michael Drewniak says the governor was hospitalized at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, N.J., "out of an abundance of caution... In line with someone dealing with asthma, he is being given routine tests as a precautionary measure."

The news comes days after Christie was floated as a possible Mitt Romney running mate. He was also recently hit with a lawsuit by Gawker, which is seeking communication records regarding his allegedly too-cozy friendship with FOX News chief Roger Ailes.

Update 1:55 p.m.: He's okay, everybody! The governor's counsel, Jeff Chiesa, says, "He's talking, he's in good health and he's bored." State Senator Joe Kyrillos, a member of Christie's "inner circle," also spoke with Christie, and he tells NBC NY the governor went to the hospital because "he felt weird." Kyrillos adds, "He sounded great—he was clear, comfortable. He sounded strong." Hear that, Gawker? Don't come anywhere near that hospital—Christie is strong, Christie is comfortable, and Christie would probably love to start a fight just to alleviate the boredom.