The Brooklyn Bridge has been closed in both directions Saturday afternoon because of a potential jumper. The man was first spotted on the edge of the western Brooklyn Bridge balustrade around 3 p.m. Traffic on the bridge has come to a complete standstill over the last hour as police have also climbed to the top of the bridge in order to try to prevent the man from potentially jumping.

Reports at the scene indicate there is a lot of chaos on the bridge, with many people gathering to watch the standoff and some cars attempting to back up off the bridge: "Cop walking among the trapped cars screaming "MAKE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT" re: backing up off the Brooklyn Bridge. This is gonna go well," tweeted Jordana Rothman.

Reporter Niketa Patel is on a roof in the South Street Seaport taking photos with a telescope—she saw this interaction between police and the unidentified man: "Cop now offering jumper chewing gum. Jumper refuses gum. More cops approach jumper. Cops all sharing gum!" We'll update as we learn more information.

Update: According to Patel, the standoff has come to a peaceful, non-fatal end: "Brooklyn Bridge jumper moves towards cops. Crowds gathered nearby cheer!!'n" she tweeted. "Jumper is in police custody now. Thank goodness!"