During his latest press conference on Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bloomberg confirmed that NYU Hospital is without power, and they are currently in the process of evacuating patients. "New York University Hospital's backup power, in spite of them assuring us that it's been tested, stopped working and we're working with them to help move people out," he said.

NYU Langone Medical Center's backup generator failed when power went out in lower Manhattan earlier this evening. ABC says there are 215 patients currently being taken out, many of whom are "having trouble getting in contact with their families." An FDNY spokesman told us they assisted in transferring 45 critical patients to Mt. Sinai, and it appears as though they are dealing with non-critical patients now (along with babies).

According to WNYC, Bellevue Hospital only "has 2 hours of power left;" FDNY didn't have any information currently about that. In addition, there were also reports that a fire had broken out on the third floor of Coney Island Hospital—but the FDNY told us that they had responded to "smoke conditions"—which were caused by a nearby car fire—and found no injuries at the hospital.

"We knew that this was going to be a very dangerous storm and the storm has met our expectations," Bloomberg also said tonight. "The worst of the weather has come and the city is certainly feeling the impacts...The latest estimates show a quarter of a million customers without power."

Update: "We are trying to move these patients as fast as possible. Hopefully in a number of hours," said Robert Grossman, Dean, NYU Medical Center. Patients are being taken to Sloan-Kettering in addition to Mt. Sinai.

Also, according to reports, Bellevue Hospital only has an hour of diesel fuel left for their generators—they need 30 gallons per hour. It's unclear though whether they will attempt to bring fuel there, or start evacuating the hospital. We'll update as we learn more.

Update: There is now an FDNY dispatch calling for "All available units responding to Bellevue Hospital for mass evacuation of all patients."

Update 12:50 p.m.: There may not have been a fire there earlier this evening, but according to reports, they are definitely on backup generators now. CNN reports, "New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center has flooded basement, using emergency backup power, but no injuries reported."