[Updates Below] Just like the elders predicted, the first snow of the season has struck NYC, with ice crystals drifting toward the ground like disintegrating daggers. It's a wet and wild time out there. Pour one out for the poor souls currently trapped on the GW Bridge because of the weather:

The National Weather Service has issued "A Special Weather Statement," which sounds like an afterschool special about the dangers of getting hooked on icicles. They say the heavy snow, with snowfall rates between 1 and 2 inches per hour, should last for another hour or so, then start to ease off as we get closer to rush hour.

De Blasio added in a tweet: "Heaviest snow will fall between 3 PM and 6 PM with potentially fast accumulation. The snow will turn into rain in the evening, so roads will be slippery throughout rush hour. Please exercise caution."

More pertinent information:

If you're unable to appreciate the joy of the first snow of the season because you're mostly worrying about your soggy commute home tonight, you can burst forth from your cocoon of cynicism by trying to see the world through another's eyes. Just think how exciting (or confusing?) this must be for Mandarin Patinkin:

See the longer, uncut video below:

And no one is having a better first ever snow day than Gritty, who is a poet of the snow:

This is a work of art:

Update, 5:30 p.m.: They were not kidding about the messy commute home. The Bayonne Bridge was closed in both directions and multiple accidents were reported on the George Washington Bridge, shutting down the upper-level eastbound lanes.

The subway...is not much better:

There are also lots of trees down around the city, including on Sullivan Street:

"It's not safe to walk the streets of SoHo!" said Todd Thurman, who took the video above. "I'm sure there’ll be more limbs—and maybe trees—falling down. It's mayhem on Sullivan Street."

(Todd Thurman)

And ABC was witness to a tree coming down on the UWS:

Reader Courtney Morgan sent us photographs of an MTA bus that's stuck at 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem. "The whole street is ice, not sure if it’s been plowed or salted," she said.

Stuck bus on 125th Street (Courtney Morgan)

Stuck bus on 125th Street (Courtney Morgan)

And Anne Marie Finlan got a photograph of the trifecta: Three buses stuck on 1st Avenue.

On First Avenue (Anne Marie Finlan)

Be careful: Lots of trees falling!