Another feline has been rescued on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge! Back in July, hundreds of cat lovers applied to adopt an adorable kitten that some terrible excuse for a human being tossed out of the window of a moving car on the bridge. That lucky cat, dubbed Verrazano, quickly caught the eye of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit star Whoopi Goldberg, who ultimately won him and renamed him Vinny. If you are one of the hundreds of nobodies who tried to adopt Vinny only to have your heart broken harder than Demi Moore in Ghost, you may be in luck, because now another kitten has surfaced on the same bridge.

The Staten Island Advance reports that an 8-week-old kitten was spotted wandering on the lower level of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, near the Staten Island tower, on Monday. A worried motorist notified the authorities, and then bridge workers and MTA police sprung into action, stopping traffic and rescuing the kitten. She was brought to the Bay Street Animal Hospital on Staten Island, where a staffer named her "Bridget."

Asked "why Bridget?," a staffer at the Animal Hospital explains that, duh, the cat was found on the bridge. As you can see she is very cute, and another worker at the hospital says, "She is extremely friendly and loves human attention." We've confirmed that Bridget will be put up for adoption, so act fast before some big shot celebrity rolls up in an Escalade and snatches her up!

Update 5:30 p.m.: Jordan Derosa, who works at the Animal Hospital, tells us Bridget has feline leukemia and a broken leg! They've fielded at least 35 inquiries so far, but Derosa tells us, "Whoever adopts her will have to have no cats or cats who also have leukemia." If no one is able to adopt Bridget, she says the kitten would be transferred to a rescue organization for cats with leukemia. (However, it's also possible that Bridget doesn't have leukemia and it's just traces of her mother's illness showing up in her blood—after she's nine months old they'll know for sure.) Anyone interested in adopting Bridget or another cat should email info@baystanimalhospital.com.