Update Below The 9/11 Memorial was evacuated today, reportedly because the reflecting pools are over-chlorinated.

The FDNY confirmed that they received calls about possible fumes at the area just after 2 p.m. this afternoon. They say there appeared to be "some kind of cleaning agent for the pool at the location." Multiple people have tweeted about the evacuation since.

The FDNY adds that no patients have been transported to the hospital at this time, but firefighters remain at the scene. We've contacted the museum for more details on what exactly happened, and will update when we learn more information.

Update: FDNY says the area has now been cleared and the memorial has been re-opened. Michael Frazier, EVP of communications, tells us:

As a precaution, the FDNY temporarily suspend operations on the Memorial plaza after a complaint of an odor. It was determine by the authorities that what Memorial visitors smelled posed no health or safety risks and operations have resumed. The odor was believed to be decomposing algae.