Recalling one of the less imaginative rejected ideas from the last Final Destination sequel pitch meeting, some debris from the 7 line trackbed pierced the windshield of a moving vehicle underneath the tracks at 65th and Roosevelt in Woodside two weeks ago. The MTA told us the rest of the 7 line structure would be inspected, but today another piece of debris fell from the tracks onto a car.

City Council member Jimmy Van Bramer tweeted about today's incident, which he said happened under the 7 train tracks around 62nd Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside just after 12:30 p.m. Van Bramer said the vehicle was moving and occupied at the time of the incident. "No one injured but someone is going to get killed here @MTA!" he tweeted.

Other local politicans also chimed in on Twitter:

When the debris fell on February 21st onto a car, the MTA said it was a piece of wood that appeared "to be from a worker or supply platform that was installed beneath the tracks years ago." They also added at the time that after checking the 7 line, they planned on checking "every other elevated structure in the system."

We've contacted the MTA for comment. In the meantime, we've decided to upgrade being impaled by a big piece of falling debris from an elevated trackbed from "Honorable Mention" to the top 20 greatest NYC fears list.

Update 6 p.m.: MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek told Gothamist, “This is obviously very concerning and we’re glad that no one was hurt. We take the safety of our customers, employees and neighbors very seriously - what this material is and where it came from is under investigation.” The MTA also confirmed that there was a systemwide inspection of elevated structures after the previous incident with the falling wood. They also believe that the debris from today's incident may have been a piece of metal broken loose after a truck struck the elevated structure close to that location on Tuesday.