The Upshot got a hold of the 445-page list of New York City residents who carry concealed weapons. Among the notable names: Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, Fox News personality Sean Hannity, Howard Stern, Don Imus, Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr., and Estee Lauder heir Ron Lauder. Back in 2008, City Room found that there were over 2,200 "full carry" licenses, which are for residents "who have demonstrated a specific need to carry a holstered handgun on their persons. The category includes people who have received threats or who regularly handle large amounts of cash."

The number of concealed gun permits in the city has declined, which the NRA has previously implied was classist, "If you're a plain Joe or Jane, you're out of luck, and they're the people who really need protection." Well, as Daily Intel noted, the boldfaced names mentioned by the Upshot make "perfect sense, because if you made a list of prominent New Yorkers most likely to be attacked on the street by some deranged person, it would also include Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity, Howard Stern, Don Imus, and Donald Trump."