Yesterday's storm may not have spent much time in the city but it was still pretty ferocious. Winds gusted to over 50 mph in southern Queens and Brooklyn and more than a third of an inch of rain fell in Central Park in just a few minutes. A bit further afield a 70 mph wind gust was measured in Monroe, Connecticut and a tornado struck Elmira. Nationally, just look at last night's radar. An almost continuous line of thunderstorms stretched from southern New England to the Big Bend area of Texas. Impressive!

A hot and humid air mass overhead means today's high will be in the sticky upper 80s or even lower 90s. A cold front is slowly approaching today. It is not a strong front so severe weather isn't much of a concern, but it may be strong enough to produce scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow is going to be another steamy day and we're likely to see another round of scattered storms as the front creeps at a glacial pace through the region.

The front, when it does pass, will bring slightly cooler weather on Sunday and possibly a less humid day on Monday. Look for Sunday's high to be in the lower 80s and Monday's to be right around 80 degrees. As of now it looks like the front is going to reverse itself and bring unsettled weather back to the city for much of next week.