The high for today is expected to reach 70 degrees. At 15 degrees above the normal high that will make today the most warmer-than-normal day in the city since a four-day hot spell last April. The record high of 75 degrees set in 1975 is safe for another year.

The warm air is courtesy of a high pressure system off the coast. The high will still be here tomorrow but clouds ahead of a cold front will keep Tuesday's maximum temperature in the lower 60s. Wednesday and Thursday are looking much cooler, highs around 50, once that cold front passes.

The rain situation for Wednesday depends on what happens to ex-hurricane Ida. After coming ashore somewhere between Biloxi and Mobile tonight the tropical storm will quickly lose most of its punch. The remnants of the storm look like they will move off the Carolinas and up the coast, putting heavy rain within striking distance on Wednesday. As of now it appears that the rain will miss the city but it bears watching. Seasonable temperatures and clear skies should rule the roost by the end of the week.