While the Brooklyn Paper rightfully calls the recent mass-slaughter of Canada geese in Prospect Park a cruel and inhumane massacre, at least it wasn't a mysterious murder scene. The geese were killed last Thursday in a gas chamber in an ongoing effort to rid the skies of the winged terrors, lest there be another emergency landing in the Hudson.

Meanwhile, over in New Jersey, 18 Canada geese were found beaten and shot in the head! According to a 1010Wins source, it "appeared many of the geese were chased from the retention pond into an adjoining parking lot, where they were killed." Reportedly, anyone charged with killing the geese faces a 3rd degree cruelty to animals charge, a penalty of up to $15,000 in fines and 3 to 5 years imprisonment.

Sort of makes it seem unfair that the U.S. Department of Agriculture—who also euthanized 133 geese in a nearby NJ town—is getting off scot free.