Above photograph of Favre showing off his new jersey and below photograph of Favre on the sidelines by Mark Duncan/AP

Brett Favre may help the Jets this season, but he's certainly not helping the environment. Thursday's 6 p.m. press conference in Cleveland, where the Jets downed the Browns in their preseason opener, capped a whirlwind day that saw Favre travel from Mississippi to New York and then to Ohio. It was on the shores of Lake Erie that Favre told the mediaI’m here for one reason. Not to do commercials, Broadway all those things. I’m here to help the Jets win."

2008_08_favre3.jpgJets fans hope so! They do need the help of course. The team won four times last year in a major regression from a playoff appearance the year before in Eric Mangini's first season as head coach. Favre, who is a year older than Mangini, threw passes with soon-to-be-backup quarterback Kellen Clemens during a lightning delay.

During the game, he wore a headset and held a playcard and asked questions of Clemens and rookie Brett Ratliff. He wouldn't say whether this was a "one-year commitment," meaning Jets fans can look forward to another soap opera after next season. They will also see a lot of spur-of-the-moment decision-making by Favre, not unlike his busy day Thursday. How many of those end in strong plays rather than interceptions -- like the one that helped the Giants reach the Super Bowl last year -- will help determine how Favre's introduction is remembered.